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My writings, mostly drabbles...
This is a community that is dedicated to the drabbles, musings, short fiction ideas and character studies of xterm.

Even though this com is restricted to 'Adult Content' there is no porn or slash. I chose the adult content restrictions because some posting will have a horror theme.

The majority of the work here, for now, is very first draft and in some cases really just stream of conscious... Why post it you may ask... why not... I return... may be I will delete this com in the future but for now I think I really need it.

If you are interested in my work or rather my process then the taglines will guide you through what the piece is and whether I have gone back and done a 2nd or 3rd draft.

Thank you for coming here,

Taken from spn_30snapshots but none are SPN fics or even related... all original works from a universe I created years ago... I call it the Veneficus Universe.

01. inhale 06. slide 11. lie 16. maunder 21. vaticinate 26. truckle
02. tell 07. indurate 12. exhale 17. show 22. capitulate 27. slake
03. lurk 08. jostle 13. crave 18. seek 23. scramble 28. pass
04. scrub 09. claim 14. urge 19. bind 24. release 29. command
05. regret 10. scrawl 15. trust 20. respite 25. converge 30. linger

'Kay, I do love the spn_30snapshots prompt tables... still not any SPN or other fandom fics, ficlettes, and/or stories... all original... this table is in a universe I created the I call "Drawn".

01. fear 06. haunt 11. ghost 16. cemetery 21. heaven 26. hell
02. blood 07. possession 12. bones 17. magic 22. angels 27. demons
03. ritual 08. sacrifice 13. omen 18. death 23. life 28. purgatory
04. monster 09. faith 14. power 19. energy 24. shiver 29. vision
05. prayer 10. myth 15. legend 20. sacred 25. holy 30. fire