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Fics, drabbles and random pieces of writing by Xterm...
Prompted to do so...
kitty in action
This is a community that is dedicated to the drabbles, musings, short fiction ideas and character studies of xterm . The majority of the work here, for now, is very first draft and in some cases really just stream of conscious... Why post it you may ask... why not... I return... may be I will delete this com in the future but for now I think I really need it.

If you are interested in my work or rather my process then the taglines will guide you through what the piece is and whether I have gone back and done a 2nd or 3rd draft.

Thank you for coming here,
31st-Jan-2011 02:35 pm - Prompt Table Piece
kitty in action
I think I've finally got it right...
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