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Fics, drabbles and random pieces of writing by Xterm...
Prompted to do so...
Prompt Table Piece #11 
17th-Feb-2011 11:17 am
kitty in action
lie Idiom
take lying down, to hear or yield without protest,
contradiction, or resistance: I refuse to take such an insult lying down.
“You have it wrong, Ivy,” Jonathan said.

“What exactly do I have wrong? To me it just looks like you’re a coward.”

“Really? You want to go with that?” Jonathan stood up and gestured to Kevin they’d be going. “Fine. After…” Jonathan shook his head, “Never mind. I guess you’ll all about what have you done for me lately.”

He went to the door and Kevin followed. Jonathan knew that Kevin probably had more to say but he knew this wasn’t the time or place.

“Don’t be like that,” Ivy said.

Jonathan didn't acknowledge the comment and proceeded to open the front door.

“Ok, I’m sorry,” Ivy said as she jumped up from her chair and sprinted to the door and managed to stand in front of the opening.

“Out of the way.”


Jonathan put his hands on her shoulders and then physically removed her out of his way.

“We’re done Ivy,” Jonathan said and walked past her outside. Without a look back he continued, “I’m not going to change my mind.”
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