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Fics, drabbles and random pieces of writing by Xterm...
Prompted to do so...
Prompt Table Piece #7 
7th-Feb-2011 05:52 pm
kitty in action
indurate – adjective
hardened; unfeeling; callous; inured.
“I wouldn’t do that.”

“Why it’s not like it’s going to kill me.”

“No, true, but your lungs will fill up with black tar and it’s just gross to live with.”

“Oh,” Nigel stubbed the cigarette out with the heel of his new boot. “Yeah that makes sense.” He laughed.

“What so funny?” Josian asked.

“Nothing really, it was just that I didn’t smoke around Ivy out of curtsey, now I find out that she did me a favour.”

“Well, next time you see her you should light up just for the hell of it.” Josian said and got up from the couch beside Nigel.

Nigel laughed harder, “Yeah, I think I might.”

He watched her leave the room. For being around four hundred years old she seemed pretty contemporary. Even owned an Ipod.

He’d only been on the sanctuary for about a week and practically every thing that he thought he knew about vampires was wrong. Sanctuary. Really. What bullshit. Even Ivy saw through that lie. The West Coast Bilateral Vampire Sanctuary was no more than a ghetto. Well at least the city side of it that he was currently living in. He hadn’t been to the country annex, and didn’t really want to either. He hated nature and now that hatred seemed to burn hotter than before. He wondered if most vampires preferred the city.

He smiled. He really didn’t care. He really didn’t care. The greatest thing about his change was the burden of guilt that seemed to have defined his mortal life was lifted from his shoulders. He felt like he could breath for the first time in years, well metaphorically anyway.

To give Ivy credit, she did try to explain to him some of his misconceptions, but she was pretty much just as clueless as everyone else. Accept Jonathan. Nigel smiled. Yeah Jonathan had him pegged. He bet that Jonathan did a ‘told you ya so’ dance for Ivy. He hated him. But that was nothing new, after the change he discovered he hated pretty much any breather. That included those rat-dog werewolves that Ivy kept as pets. Yeah sure she said she was there to help them, to help him, but he saw the truth now. He was nothing more than an exotic beast. Worse than that, a charity case exotic beast that Ivy could feel all self-righteous and empathic to her fellow Blessed Ones, her vindication for having fallen, failed. That’s what she was, a failure. He can’t believe that he actually care about that old cow. He laughed again, yeah she was a cow, or near facsimile, just dinner or maybe lunch.

Jonathan however, he needed. Weirdly he had respect for him. For a breather he was smarter than most. Jonathan had disliked and distrusted Nigel from the start. He’d resented Jonathan for that, now he respected him.
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