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Fics, drabbles and random pieces of writing by Xterm...
Prompted to do so...
Prompt Table Piece #6 
7th-Feb-2011 04:32 pm
kitty in action
 slide Idiom
let slide, to allow to deteriorate, pursue a natural course, etc.,
without intervention on one's part: to let things slide.
Ivy poured herself another drink. Another long night in a series of too many long nights this year. But that she knew the choice had been hers. Her old Victorian had become the refuge for the unwanted and the feared. A tentative balance had been struck with the other Veneficus and the normal police. She knew that Nigel’s becoming a full vampire will probably change all that. It didn’t matter that he attack those idiots to save her and Nidia’s life. Well he was in love with Nidia. She wondered if he still was. She wondered what Nigel thought now at all. He’d been sweet, in a pathetic sort of way mind you, but still sweet. She knew that whatever endearing quality he’d had were long gone now. Jonathan was right, vampires really are pricks.

She picked up the tumbler filled a little too generously with the amber liquid and swirled in the light. A little splashed over the side. She switch hands with the glass and licked the fingers that had gotten wet. Jonathan should be here soon. She didn’t know whom else to call. He owed her. Unfortunately it was just money, and now she needed to exchange his tab for a favour. Jonathan had to hunt Nigel down and stopped him.

Killed if necessary.

Lifting the glass to mouth she drank the contents on one gulp.
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