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Fics, drabbles and random pieces of writing by Xterm...
Prompted to do so...
Prompt Table Piece #3 
1st-Feb-2011 12:18 pm
kitty in action
lurk –noun Australian Informal .
an underhand scheme; dodge.
an easy, somewhat lazy or unethical way of earning a living, performing a task, etc.

Easy. It was supposed to be easy. Jonathan lightly tapped his head repeatedly on the table.

“Stop head-desking,” Kevin said.


“Because,” Kevin paused, “it’s embarrassing me.”

Jonathan looked up. True, the Tim Horton's was packed, however they could not have found a more isolated place if it had been the top of Himalayans. It’s why he liked this location; it gave new meaning to the term 'lost in a crowd'.

“Dude the guy with the broken umbrella doing scenes from Singing in the Rain isn’t getting attention.”

“Ok, you want the real reason.” Kevin leaned toward Jonathan. The intensity in his eyes made Jonathan thankful that Kevin had to protect him and not hunt him. “You look sad and pathetic when you do shit like that and then I’m forced to think about the life choices I’ve made, which causes me to realise just how much my life sucks,” Kevin said and leaned back in his chair. “Feel better now?”

“Yeah. Thanks. You make me feel loved,” Jonathan said and took another sip of his coffee. He put it back down. It was still too hot to drink. There was a fine science to drinking Timmy’s coffee, it had to be cool enough to consume but hot enough to not notice just how bad it really was.

“K then. I guess we’ll have to get dragon’s blood the old fashion way,” Jonathan said.

“And that would be…”

“Go further in debt to Ivy.”

“Great, yeah much better,” Kevin said with a snort.

“Don’t know, Ivy seems pretty hot on you, maybe…”

“Don’t,” Kevin said and stood up. “Just don’t even joke.”

“Dude, relax, I’m not going to prostitute you out,” Jonathan said as he smiled up at Kevin. “Even though it’s actually in my rights as Veneficus.” He leaned back and picked up his coffee to play with in his hands. “See, I can read the fine print of the contract too. You might want to share that with Nidia as well.” Jonathan put coffee back down and the smile now gone. “Now sit.”
Kevin stood there for a few more seconds and Jonathan watched as Kevin’s shoulders fell and his head sagged. It didn’t make Jonathan feel any better to have this little victory. He didn’t want Kevin to know that his bitching about his life sucking hit home with Jonathan. Jonathan shook his head, turn towards the window and laughed.

“What’s so funny?” Kevin asked.

“Oh, just the thought of,” Jonathan put his fingers up to make quotation gesture with his fingers, “our as you said ‘life choices’. It’s a wonder that the three of us are still alive.”

Jonathan picked up his coffee agian, stood up and walked towards the door. Kevin remained seated. Jonathan turned back towards Kevin.

“You coming?”

A small smile crept across Kevin’s face and he looked up at Jonathan. “It’s not like I have a choice.”
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